40 Days, 40 Conversations with God (A Time To Be Sowing)

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A Christian/Faith book authored by Janelle .T Lee Chee.

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40 Days, 40 Conversations with God is a faith resource that depicts God’s presence and faithfulness through a young woman’s life experiences that mirror a conversation with God.

In this resource, Janelle shares her journey to spiritual enlightenment through entries, prayers, and scriptures to encourage others to step out in Faith and achieve the fulfillment they are seeking in life.

This is the book to help you let go and let God, reclaim your life, joy and inner peace and move from past hurt so you can be free again to live as God intended.


“Many say they trust God, but in reality there’s a part of us that worries He won’t be there after we step out of faith” – Author Janelle .T Lee.

Everything in this book is uplifting, captivating, entertaining, engaging and even thrilling. It will inspire you.

The author is a gifted and devoted woman whose passion is to help others develop confidence to pursue their dreams.

She is also a singer and she believes she is the greatest form of praise and gratitude to God.

She loves rendering useful service to people and in her book she communicates her heart in a spirit of ABSOLUTE FAITH.

40 days,40 conversations with God is the book that will help you to kindle anew the fire of Hope, Courage and Faith in God.

This book will challenge your body and soul to be the best as God intended and trust me you’ll fancy talking to God through this resource.

The Faith book is available online at: Online Purchase!

Thank you and God bless you as you read the bestselling Faith book by

Janelle. T Lee Chee.

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