Zimbabwe: Tales of a Broken Government

Adam's Travel Adventures

Zimbabwe’s current reputation as one of the most corrupt countries in the world is somewhat unsurprising when you consider their history. Like Botswana, Zimbabwe was used and abused early on by Cecil Rhodes and the British South Africa Company (BSAC). After acquiring the mineral rights of the country, the British launched an attack (based off mistaken intel) and killed the king. Although this move was supposedly accidental, Britain and BSAC profited highly from it, and Britain assumed control of the country, renaming it Southern Rhodesia (after Cecil Rhodes). Between 1895 and 1914 about 25,000 Europeans emigrated to modern-day Zimbabwe.

It was the 1922 referendum with whites choosing to become a self-governing colony that caused the largest racial conflicts to date, and the Land Appointment Act in 1930, giving whites the best farmland, didn’t help.

The war for independence began in 1964, with guerrilla warfare and farm raids caused many whites…

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