Traveling Through Malawi

Adam's Travel Adventures

Malawi was never meant to be a part of my trip. In fact I had very little desire to go there, and ended up going half out of necessity and half out of going with the flow. My group of travelers was heading that way and I knew I wasn’t ready to leave them. Also, I knew I would need to cross into Malawi to get into Tanzania, since you cannot cross the border between Mozambique and Tanzania, which was my original plan. 

Malawi ended up being one of the major highlights of my trip, not just for the beautiful lakeside scenery, but for a myriad of reasons I will discuss in this post. The trouble with Malawi is not the country itself, but the brutal journey to get there from Zimbabwe, which means crossing the Tete corridor in Mozambique. On paper, this is a simple, straightforward thing. The Tete…

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