Malawi: A Rough Past and a Pretty Rough Present

Adam's Travel Adventures

Writing these histories is an exercise in monotonous masochism. Each country sounds the same and it’s always bad. Malawi, of course, is no different. Like every country in Africa (except Ethiopia), it was colonized, this time by the British. Like all Southern African countries, Cecil Rhodes came in and fucked it up. 

Malawi gained its independence in the 1960s (the year is vague because the Brits sort of stopped caring), and resistance leader Hastings Banda was released from prison and was made president. He quickly assumed the role of an African president, declaring himself “president for life,” forcing those who opposed him into exile, banning alternative political parties, foreign press, women’s trousers and long hair on men. He also gave support to the apartheid state of South Africa. What a guy.

Malawi did gain some democracy, and a multiparty system was set up in 1994, and Banda was voted out, dying…

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