Traveling Through Nowhere, Namibia

Oh, what an inspiring and a terrifying odyssey! Good luck Adam.

Adam's Travel Adventures


Namibia is, in a word, empty. I used to think Wyoming was empty, but this place gives new meaning to the word. We’ve driven approximately 600 kilometers across Namibia and have literally seen zero towns, except for about 20 huts on the border.

Namibia is a country meant to be road-tripped across. There’s virtually zero public transport outside of the cities, so we’ve rented (against all advice) a two wheel drive Ford Fiesta.

Our first stop in this rugged country was the Fish River Canyon in Ais Ais.

This is the second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon. The Fish River formed via tectonic movement, unlike the Grand Canyon which was formed completely by erosion from the Colorado River. Namibia is currently in a pretty brutal drought, and the Fish River is currently dry, save for a couple pools of water, and hiking into the canyon…

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