40 days, 40 conversations with God (A Time To Be Sowing)

Everything in this book is uplifting, captivating, entertaining, engaging and even thrilling.

Janelle speaks her heart in a spirit of absolute faith and this faith book will challenge your body and soul to be the best as God intended.

The book is now available at http://www.40daysbook.info .

Thank you.

Love and Light!

2 thoughts on “40 days, 40 conversations with God (A Time To Be Sowing)

  1. I would love to buy this book but an unable to because I get very little disability money. I am a licensed & ordained minister & was a speech therapist for 20 years until I was rear-ended by a Dodge Dually truck that had a steel grill on the front. The lady driving rammed me full force @ 40mph with the grill adding an extra 700 LBs of force She didn’t see me waiting to .turn because she had 5 unbuckled kids in there & she was trying to deal with them. My daughter was with me so as soon as impact happened, I turned to see how it affected.her. she has had back & knee problems from it but she didn’t break like me.
    I underwent a neck surgery where they were just pulling out disc pieces from 2 of my vertebrae. Then I had 2 back surgeries where the surgeon ended up having to stabilize my spine because a fusion couldn’t be done there either. Now I have what they call failed neck & back syndrome, radiculopathy, neuropathy, &many other issues. So I was hoping maybe you would pray about & asking for free copy of the book. If God says “no”, then I will understand. Thank you for considering this.—-Sincerely, Jennifer Holt

  2. Hello Jennifer! First of all we are sorry for what happened in your life. We wish you well and quick healing!
    This book will be a great resource for you and all people of the earth as a Faith resource and we will let you know about the decision after we communicate with the author, publisher and all stakeholders.
    Thank you and be blessed.
    Love and Light!

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